1 on 4, 2 on 3


1 on 4 2 on 3

Last week, I wrote about Cho Chikun’s introductory book on go. One of the lessons I found very useful in the said book was that a one-space jump on the fourth line and the two-space jump on the third is always connected. Continue reading


Let Cho Chikun Introduce Go


Cho Chikun Go Intro

Go: A Complete Introduction to the Game by Cho Chikun (edited by Richard Bozulich) is the best book for absolute beginners to learn about the game of go. The flow of the lessons guides the reader a step at a time through the ladder of basic go learning. Anyone will finish the book not only with the knowledge about the basics of go but also familiar with the game as it is beyond the board. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Games Part II


Part I of my “A Tale of Two Games” Series showed how clumsy I was with one of my first attempts at go. Part II will discuss one of my games after about ten months. I that time, I started reading go books, practicing tsumego, playing more games in both correspondence and live, and learning a couple of joseki moves. This is also my first live game in 2016. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Games Part I


One compares the past and the present to see the prospects of the future.

Here, I review two of my games. Part I is one of my first attempts at go. Part II is a more competitive and better-played match after a year of playing and studying the game of go. Continue reading