A Tale of Two Games Part I


One compares the past and the present to see the prospects of the future.

Here, I review two of my games. Part I is one of my first attempts at go. Part II is a more competitive and better-played match after a year of playing and studying the game of go.

Newbie Game 1-20

Move 1 to 20

I play White. The first four moves looks normal. As a beginner, I still was ignorant about joseki. White 6 looks a descent reply to the ikken kakari of Black 5. The corner went bad for me after the wrong hane of White 8. I left the corner as is, but I am confused with past me what he was thinking when he played White 16, 18, and 20.

Newbie Game 21-40Move 21 to 40

Black enclosed the corner with 21. Suddenly, White tried saving a dead group in the corner. If crawling on the second line is bad, crawling on the first line with White 24 and 26 is suicide. Jumping out with White 28 looks good. White played somewhat like a joseki with 30 and 32. White 34 and 35 were also suicide moves. I was able to keep a bit of the corner, but it looks hopeless to White from here on.

Newbie Game 41-60

Move 41 to 60

Black expanded the moyo on the right side. White played passively with 42, 44, and 46. Black attacked White’s two isolated stones with 47. White 48 was a futile attempt to fight back. White secured some profit with 50, 52, 54, and 60 while Black successfully captures White in the centre.

Newbie Game 61-80

Move 61 to 80

Black reduced White’s moyo on the left side with 61. White 62 is very passive. Black 63, 65, 67, and 69 destroyed about half of White’s moyo. White 72 would have been more useful as a kakari on the right side or a san-san uchikomi against the lone hoshi stone on the upper right. White 74 was useless, connecting stone that were already connected. After 75, Black almost had all the right side. White only fed Black with 78 and 80.

Newbie Game 81-100

Move 81 to 100

Black 81 was useless, but White 82 made Black 81 look like a good move. White secured two small points with 84, 86, and 88. Black can afford playing passive here because Black already had half of the board. Capturing with White 92 was a wasted move. White 98 was a bad answer against the peep of Black 97. White gains nothing from playing hane at 100.

Newbie Game 101-120

Move 101 to 120

Black took a big corner with from 101 to 109. White wasted another move with 110. White should have used 110 to connect the lump to the bottom left corner. Black starts capturing the White lump from 111 to 117. White 118 gave some hope, but 120 in reply to Black 119 was a meaningless move.

Newbie Game 121-140

Move 121 to 140

As if by magic, White saved the big lump from 122 to 132 by sacrificing five stones. White 136, 138, and 140 were useless moves.

Newbie Game 141-158

Move 141 to 158

The match ended with very small moves. With a lot of space on the right side, maybe White still had a big chance to live within Black’s moyo. Black wins by 189.5 points (Japanes Rules).

It was clear from start to finish that I was clueless about the game of go. Seeing this after a long time and comparing it with the way I play go today, I can say I have improved a lot. I have more games to play and more go books to read. My dream of a dan rating is still far, but knowing how bad I played before motivates me to continue learning and playing go.



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