Learn to Play Go with Learn to Play Go (Part 3)


Learn to Play Go 3In Volume I and II of the Learn to Play Go Series, Janice Kim and Jeong Soo-hyun teach beginners all of the essentials and gameplay of Go.

In Volume III, The Dragon Style, Kim and Soo-hyun move the scene of battle from the field of knowledge to the actual Go board and one’s inner self. Continue reading


Tsumego Everyday with Tsumego Pro



Technology helped Go players around the world enjoy a game against each other thru Go servers like Pandanet. Technology also redefined how players practice reading skills through tsumego apps and softwares. In my opinion, the best Android App for studying tsumego is Tsumego Pro. Continue reading

3 Questions Maybe AlphaGo Can Answer (If It Gets Strong Enough)



A few hours from now, AlphaGo will face Lee Sedol in the first of a five-match series. Man vs. Machine. Human’s Glorious Mind vs. Artificial Intelligence. Humanity’s last stand against our machine overlords (exaggeration intended). Last time, I talked about how this event will be the victory of the human mind no matter result. While I believe Lee Sedol will win the $1 Million and probably defeat AlphaGo 5-0, I am still excited at how AlphaGo will perform against one of the top Go players today. However, if AlphaGo does defeat Sedol, then things will get more interesting in the Go world.

If AlphaGo learns the game better than any human being can, then maybe, just maybe (programmers help me on this), AlphaGo can answer the following questions: Continue reading