Lee Sedol and Vegeta


Lee Sedol’s win against AlphaGo yesterday highlights human creativity and fighting spirit at its finest.

After the 3-0 defeat, most people, I included, thought it will end 5-0. I thought AlphaGo’s style was too strong against Lee Sedol’s, and it will take another professional Go player with a different style to defeat AlphaGo or at least to put it in a very tough test. During the middle game, Lee Sedol’s White stones did not look it had any chance of surviving Black’s powerful attacks and thickness. The fourth defeat loomed over Lee Sedol.

However, Lee Sedol will not go down so easy. He unleashed the wedge of White 78, what Gu Li 9P dubs as the “hand of God” or the divine move. Lee Sedol was winning!

Watching AlphaGo make bad moves and Lee Sedol place stones at the last second during his last byoyomi was not very good for my heart. I knew the win was coming, but it was still a very exciting game until AlphaGo resigned.

AlphaGo already won the series, now at 3-1. All Lee Sedol can do tomorrow is prove that a human can defeat artificial intelligence at Go twice.

I was supporting Lee Sedol with all my heart yesterday. Lee Sedol, as a strong Go player and as a human being fighting against the odds and persevering against a seemingly unbeatable foe, gained my respect after his gracious defeat in game three. As I cheered for him during the fourth match, I felt like one of the Earthlings in Dragon Ball Z offering some of my energy to Goku for his Spirit Bomb to destroy Majin Buu. It was an amazing feeling. I hope all Go enthusiasts can experience the same feeling in Lee Sedol’s last battle against AlphaGo.

Here is Vegeta asking you to lend your support for Lee Sedol.VegetaLeeSedolSpiritBomb



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