Joseki Talkie with Bamboo and Yunzi


Joseki Talkie

Joseki Talkie with Bamboo and Yunzi 2: Bamboo approaches Yunzi’s 4-4 stone. Yunzi wants to develop the side and makes a moyo. Bamboo is happy to make a base and take sente. Continue reading


Learn to Play Go with Learn to Play Go (Part 5)


Learn to Play Go 5


So far, I have reviewed how Janice Kim and Jeong Soo-hyun’s Learn to Play Go Series introduce Go to an absolute beginner, discuss the flow of Go from start to finish, suggest the proper mindset required in gameplay, and show some techniques during fighting. In the last Volume, The Palace of Memory, Janice Kim focuses on the guidelines and templates she learned from Jeong Soo-hyun. Continue reading