Fights, Mistakes, and Natural Development


Whole Game

The goban for me is the universe seeking balance between two forces. These forces do not necessarily strive to destroy each other, but rather, they aim to live in harmony. However, some will not agree with this idea of balance and harmony. When one seeks to fight as often as possible, the goban turns into a battlefield fraught with the dead and mistakes. In the midst of the turmoil, calm and peace must meet the aggressor to maintain the balance, the harmony. For one may resist and impose their will as much as they can to ensue chaos, but the forces within the goban will deny entropy. The natural flow of Go is disorder to order. If one can look past the chaos and follow the natural movement and desires of the stones, then the aggressor will be one’s guide and accomplice in achieving balance and harmony. Continue reading


One Day Byoyomi: Correspondence Games at Dragon Go Server



Playing a live game in Go servers like Pandanet can be a burden for busy people like. I love studying Go, and I make sure I learn or reinforce the things I learned every day. However, if I can’t play a game, what is the use of my growing (I hope) Go knowledge? Lucky for me and other busy people, Dragon Go Server (DGS) exists. Continue reading

Joseki Talkie with Bamboo and Yunzi


Joseki Talkie

Joseki Talkie with Bamboo and Yunzi 3: Yunzi approaches Bamboo’s 4-4 stone. Bamboo plays one-space pincer. Yunzi takes corner profit. Bamboo is happy to make a wall in sente. Continue reading

Dragon Killer Series: Revenge is a Dish Best Served with a Dead Dragon


DK3 215-244

In this edition of the Dragon Killer Series, Brown Stone made sure a comeback opponent will not defeat him a second time. As a new convention in my reviews, I will refer to the center of the board as the Apex (as influenced by Janice Kim’s view of the goban as a pyramid with sides on the four directions). Brown Stone also discusses the process of a ko fight that arose near the end of the game. Continue reading