One Day Byoyomi: Correspondence Games at Dragon Go Server



Playing a live game in Go servers like Pandanet can be a burden for busy people like. I love studying Go, and I make sure I learn or reinforce the things I learned every day. However, if I can’t play a game, what is the use of my growing (I hope) Go knowledge? Lucky for me and other busy people, Dragon Go Server (DGS) exists.

Enter the Dragon


DGS Buttons and Game Info

Game and player information and all the buttons players need.


DGS is a turn-based correspondence Go server. This means that one can play a move and let the game proceed for as much as a whole day. For example, I can wake up in the morning, play a move, go to work, come home in the evening, and play another move. An example time setting is 10 days main time followed by 3 one-day byoyomi periods. I usually set play my games using Fischer time with 8 to 14 hours increments. This set-up is ideal for people who can’t spare one whole hour of their day for playing can allocate a few seconds or minutes at certain points of the day.

DGS does not require any client. One can log on and play at DGS using any browser. Just start a game click on the point you want the stone to go, confirm, and play the next move after eight hours or so.

For android users, DGS also has an available app called anDGS. The app is as good as the site.

Strategy Notes

DGS Sample Board

Sample DGS game and board with use of the private notes box.

Because of hours separating moves in correspondence games, one may find rethinking and rereading sequences before making the next move. Conditional moves, i.e. moves played in the server in anticipation of the opponent’s moves, are not yet a feature of DGS. While we are waiting for a conditional move feature in DGS, one must keep note of one’s strategy in the private notes box (be sure to save the notes first before making or confirming a move). Of course, if one can rethink a strategy during every move, notes are unnecessary.



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