Fights, Mistakes, and Natural Development


Whole Game

The goban for me is the universe seeking balance between two forces. These forces do not necessarily strive to destroy each other, but rather, they aim to live in harmony. However, some will not agree with this idea of balance and harmony. When one seeks to fight as often as possible, the goban turns into a battlefield fraught with the dead and mistakes. In the midst of the turmoil, calm and peace must meet the aggressor to maintain the balance, the harmony. For one may resist and impose their will as much as they can to ensue chaos, but the forces within the goban will deny entropy. The natural flow of Go is disorder to order. If one can look past the chaos and follow the natural movement and desires of the stones, then the aggressor will be one’s guide and accomplice in achieving balance and harmony.Brown Stone played Black. Black wanted White to approach at B.

Variation Move 3

Variation Move 3.

If White plays 3, Black will approach White’s corner and aim to build on a grand scale.


Black played A, a bit passive. B seems to lead to better variations and more active.

Variation Move 4a

First Variation Move 4.

If White invades the corner, Black builds a wall in sente and approaches. Black 1 and 11 uses the power of Black Q5.

Variation Move 4b

Second Variation Move 4.

If White jumps at 1 and press Black with 5, the result still looks good for Black.


Black looks too flat on South because of 4. White should have played 8 at 23. White 9 was very difficult to answer. Black was happy to make thickness up to Black 22. Black feared the cut of White 23, the first crosscut of the game. Black became over-concentrated with A.

Variation Move 26

Variation Move 26.

If Black played tenuki, say 1, White destroys Black up to 6.


Black saved the North West group but gave White too much profit.


Black (Triangle) Pairs. Both North East and South East were not secured, so Black only assumed to keep less than half.

North East – 13.5 ~ 6

South East – 7.5 ~ 3

South West – 2.5

Total – 11.5 pairs

White (Square) Pairs

North West – 24

Total – 24 pairs – 5.5 komi

White is ahead by about 20 points, but Black has a potential of about 52 points in the area surrounded by x. If Black can secure half, 26 points, and limit White’s expansion, it could be enough for Black.


Maybe enclosing at Q3 was better than Black 46. White 55 and 57 were the second crosscut of the game, but Black won the crosscut easily. While White was busy invading or reducing, Black was developing naturally.


White misread from 77 to 93. Black wins the capturing race, but White will give Black lots of problems making sure this White group stays dead.


White 103 was the third cut. Black will have to worry about liberties and the capturing race because the one-eyed group on the East is not yet dead. Black had no choice, but to make a bad shape with 106. White 111 was another cut, but Black could have won this cut easily too. After White 113, Black played A. Black aimed at protecting the South West. Black B gives a better variation.

Variation Move 113

Variation Move 114.

This looks better for Black. Black protects the South West and takes sente.


After feeding White, Black made another mistake with A. Black should have played B after taking sente.

Variation Move 130

Variation Move 130.

Black captures White. This is a better variation for Black.



Black (Triangle) Pairs

North East – 12

South East – 12

South West – 2.5

Apex – 8.5

Total – 35 pairs

White (Square) Pairs

North West – 24

South West – 6.5

North East – 1

Total – 31 pairs – 5.5 komi

Black is suddenly ahead. The fight, although with a lot of mistakes from Black, gave good results. White’s aggression was not enough. Black developed naturally.


Black was already ahead, so Black defended with 140. Black was happy to cut with 142. White still connected, but Black gained a little while reducing White. After White 175, Black’s group in the Apex only has four liberties. Black must reduce a liberty on White’s East group to stay ahead in the capturing race.


White misread the invasion of 183. After Black 196, White had no way to make two eyes.


Black captured with 208 to capture the three White stones at O6.


White cannot connect at 212 after 210 because of shortage of liberties after Black throws-in at 211. After White 217, Black played the passive A. Black B keeps sente.

Variation Move 218Black keeps sente with 1 and 3.


White 219 was not urgent. Black was glad to keep sente. Black 252 was useless. The game was over. White became stubborn with 257.

Black won by 20.5 points.

White created a very chaotic board that forced Black to read as much as possible. Black made a lot of mistakes, but so did White. In the end, White made more mistakes and the most crucial ones. Apparently, Black was able to maintain good direction for some of the stones. White’s aggression helped Black to develop naturally. The chaos White created was not enough to destroy the inevitable balance and harmony Black was seeking on the goban.



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