Who is Brown Go Stone?


Brown Go Stone is Recle Etino Vibal. He discovered the game of go around the middle of February 2015. Since then, playing and studying go has been a big part of his life. Recle aims to reach dan level in ten years, a very flexible and possible dream for anyone who loves the intricacies of the ancient board game.

The Brown Go Stone logo is a calligraphy of “Go” in the pre-Filipino script called Baybayin. The Baybayin brush font is downloadable here. Learn more about Baybayin here.

Recle E. Vibal plays live games in IGS as reclevibal and Tygem as brwnstn, correspondence games in DGS as recleevibal, and a mixture of both in OGS as brwnstn. He is still a novice kyu, so don’t expect much when playing against him.

Learn more about Recle E. Vibal and his passion for stories at recklessstories.wordpress.com.


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