One Day Byoyomi: Correspondence Games at Dragon Go Server



Playing a live game in Go servers like Pandanet can be a burden for busy people like. I love studying Go, and I make sure I learn or reinforce the things I learned every day. However, if I can’t play a game, what is the use of my growing (I hope) Go knowledge? Lucky for me and other busy people, Dragon Go Server (DGS) exists. Continue reading


Play Crazy with This AI: Crazy Stone Can Help You Improve at Go


CS MenuMy interest in Go started when I read about Crazy Stone defeating Yoda Norimoto in a four-stone handicap game. With the advent of AlphaGo, the race for the first artificial intelligence to defeat a top professional player ended. However, the race for the strongest, if not the perfect Go player, which humans and AIs aspire, is still ongoing. Since we humans are still fighting for Go dominance, we might as well use our AI counterparts in training. Continue reading

Tsumego Everyday with Tsumego Pro



Technology helped Go players around the world enjoy a game against each other thru Go servers like Pandanet. Technology also redefined how players practice reading skills through tsumego apps and softwares. In my opinion, the best Android App for studying tsumego is Tsumego Pro. Continue reading

Beautiful Go with Panda


Playing and studying go in a country where the game is not known to the common people can be disheartening for an enthusiast searching for a casual game. However, thanks to technology, there are now ways to play go with fellow enthusiasts from all over the world.

Continue reading