Rules of Go


Brownstone proposes the following:

  1. Get a 19×19 Go board and two bowls of Go stones (181 Black, 180 White, just to be sure).
  2. Sit in front of the board’s shorter side. Face the opponent.
  3. Choose your color. If there is a difference in Go strength, the weaker player takes Black. Play first if you are Black. White can give proper handicap if White is nice.
  4. Play stones on the intersections. Do not move stones placed on the board.
  5. Surround as many intersections as possible; this will be your territory and the basis of your score.
  6. Capture a stone or a group of stones by surrounding it.
  7. Obey the rule of Ko. Never play a move that will revert the board to its original position.
  8. Calculate the score. Count the number of intersections surrounded. Subtract any stone or group of stones captured by the opponent.
  9. Declare the player with the biggest score as winner.
  10. Review the game then repeat after drinking tea.