Dragon Killer Series: The Great Framework


Go is a game of balance. When the one player takes profit, the other player makes thickness or walls that gives great potential in the center. Here is a game where I took thickness in the opening, allowing me to attack and kill the dragon courageous enough to grow inside my great framework. (Click image captured on Sabaki to view game in GoKifu).

Taking influence in the opening over profit is probably my style. What is your style? Do you prefer profit or influence in the opening? How do you use your influence? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.



A Reminder to Return to the Fundamentals



I have so much fun with the GoKifu game sharing feature, I uploaded another one of my own game reviews. Please use Eidogo or GoSWF as viewer to avoid any errors. Picture of final board position captured on Sabaki.

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Learn to Play Go with Learn to Play Go (Part 2)


Learn to Play Go 2“The Way of the Moving Horse” is the second volume of the Learn to Play Go Series by Janice Kim and Jeong Soo-hyun. I reviewed Volume I: A Master’s Guide to the Ultimate Game before.

After reading Volume I, beginners learn the basic rules and some necessary and simple skills in the game of Go. However, rules are not enough. A game of Go starts from an empty board. Every stone added on the board changes the prevailing attitude a player should take. In other words, one must understand the proper flow of each phase of the game and the corresponding intentions of each carries. Continue reading