The Screw Up and the Catch Up



Have you ever made a mistake in judgement and reading it almost cost the game but was able to make a comeback and win the game? I did in this game (click on the image captured on Sabaki to view the game in GoKifu).

Tell me about your similar experiences, and about my blunder and recovery in the comments below.



A Reminder to Return to the Fundamentals



I have so much fun with the GoKifu game sharing feature, I uploaded another one of my own game reviews. Please use Eidogo or GoSWF as viewer to avoid any errors. Picture of final board position captured on Sabaki.

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The Fatal Endgame Mistake



Nothing is more frustrating for a kyu-level Go player than losing a won game by making a mistake in the endgame. Here is an example from one of my games. Continue reading

Learn to Play Go with Learn to Play Go (Part 5)


Learn to Play Go 5


So far, I have reviewed how Janice Kim and Jeong Soo-hyun’s Learn to Play Go Series introduce Go to an absolute beginner, discuss the flow of Go from start to finish, suggest the proper mindset required in gameplay, and show some techniques during fighting. In the last Volume, The Palace of Memory, Janice Kim focuses on the guidelines and templates she learned from Jeong Soo-hyun. Continue reading

The Flow of Go: Beginner’s Guide from Start to Finish


FlowofGoLast time, I said that Janice Kim and Jeong Soo-hyun’s “The Way of the Moving Horse” (Volume II of the Learn to Play Go Series) was the only book I know that discusses the process of Go from Opening to Middle Game to Endgame. Another good source that describes the stages of Go and the objectives a player must keep in mind at each stage is Antti Törmänen‘s “Ten’s Guide to Studying Professional Games”.

I will combine the knowledge from the book and the essay to make a general guideline for beginners regarding the flow of Go. Continue reading