Dragon Killer Series: Failing the Ladder and Squeeze; Killing One Big Dragon



Ladders, nets, and squeezes are the first things any aspiring Go player must learn. I know these things. Unfortunately, I still find ways to ignore them in my games. Here is one of the many examples where I failed the ladder and the squeeze. (Click image captured on Sabaki to view game in GoKifu).

How are your ladder and nets? Please share your experiences and critics in the comments section below.


The Screw Up and the Catch Up



Have you ever made a mistake in judgement and reading it almost cost the game but was able to make a comeback and win the game? I did in this game (click on the image captured on Sabaki to view the game in GoKifu).

Tell me about your similar experiences, and about my blunder and recovery in the comments below.


Play Crazy with This AI: Crazy Stone Can Help You Improve at Go


CS MenuMy interest in Go started when I read about Crazy Stone defeating Yoda Norimoto in a four-stone handicap game. With the advent of AlphaGo, the race for the first artificial intelligence to defeat a top professional player ended. However, the race for the strongest, if not the perfect Go player, which humans and AIs aspire, is still ongoing. Since we humans are still fighting for Go dominance, we might as well use our AI counterparts in training. Continue reading